March 2018 Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil)

After a busy afternoon at the Elderly Home, the schedule for the V International Congress for the Third Age came back to the University, but still was not confined to the Main Campus walls at UDC. One of the lectures of the Seminar was broadcast live through web to the Representative of The Third Age University in Bulgaria, Mr. Georgi Stankov, that forwarded the images to the AIUTA TV. Mr. Stankov was also interacting with the event by asking questions about the actions for the Third Age in Brazil.

Profº. PhD. François Vellas from University of Toulouse is the Scientific Director of the Program and the President of AIUTA – the International Association of the University of the Third Age and he addressed the actions done by AIUTA for the cultural tourism for the third age and also showed a vídeo which promotes the World Senior Study Tours Tourism Congress, that will be held in the city of Yantai – China, next 24 to 26 of May and UDC will also be present among the participants. “In this event in China, we are going to promote Foz do Iguaçu.

Our idea is to bring people from there to spent two to three weeks here in Foz, participating in study tours and also sightseeing” said the pro- rector of UDC Professor PhD. Fábio Prado. “Foz do Iguaçu is one of the most visited cities in Brazil and therefore it´s important to develop a study tour targeting the third age. AIUTA in China has over seven million students and they are all candidates to come and visit the city”, said François Vellas. The last lecture of the morning session was with Professor Carolina Ellwanger who spoke about the perception of the vulnerability of the senior citizens being analyzed by the Federal Constitution of Brazil, in order to make our society aware that all minorities need protection. The very last lecture of the day was with professor Deborah Ariza who spoke about cardiovascular alterations due to Parkinson’s disease.