2018 Mauritius

International Conference

2018 Barcelona - Spain

International Conference

2017 Bratislava - Slovakia

International Conference: "Equal learning opportunities for the elderly".

2016 Osaka- Japan

International Conference: Universities of the Third Age: a worldwide link between an actiive and healthy aging?

2016 Reims - France

International Conference: "History and Developement of UTA in the World".

2015 Lublin - Pologne

International Conference: "Seniors students".

2015 Alicante - Spain

International Conference: "U3A, Citizenship and social cohesion".

2014 Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil

International Conference : "U3A and intergenerational cooperation" 95th Governing Board.

2014 Toulouse - France

U3A And international cooperation.

2013 Uppsala - Sweden

International Conference : "Equal Opportunities for Senior Citizens" 93th Governing Board.

2013 Guangzhou - China

International Conference: Innovant Development of U3A, seniors - Integration in the society and senior tourism.

2012 Lisbon- Portugal

International conference: "Tourism, Third Age and Universities".

2012 Londres - UK

Conference "Gerontagogy" 91th Governing Board.

2012 Lignano- Italy

2010 Saint José- Costa Rica

2006 Reims - France

30 years on: Who are we? What have we achieved? Where are we heading?.

2004 Shanghai - China

Continued Learning for Older Persons: Between Tradition and Innovation.

2002 Geneva - Switzerland

Age and experience for the benefit of future generations.

2000 Québec - Canada

The impact of new technology on the elderly.

1998 Schwäbisch-Gmünd - Germany

Learning and the 3rd age. Why & How?.

1996 Nantes - France

Dialogue between generations?

1994 Jyväskylä - Finland

Preparing to Age.

1992 Barcelona - Spain

Physical exercise and ageing.

1990 Hull - Canada

Th e U3As, sources of development.

1988 Toulouse - France

In favour of a more humane society.

1987 Warsaw, Poland

Education and Health.

1986 Tournai - Belgium

The U3As in the world, exposition and dialogue.

1984 Neuchatel - Switzerland

Research for and with the elderly.

1983 Riva del Garda - Italie

The decentralisation of U3As, the paths of cultural irrigation.

1982 Nice - France

The role of U3As in modern society.

1981 Madrid - Spain

Culture and the Third Age.

1980 Sherbrooke - Canada

Continuing education and the 3rd age.

1979 Nancy - France

Aging well, from the prevention and the study of ageing to the role and educational methods of the 3rd age.

1978 Namur - Belgium

Third age human resources for community service.